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There will be more and more a demand for a liquid filled floor heating system with a low construction height, Yacht Floor Heating now has a system where the building height will be up to 18 mm minimum, if placed on a flat subfloor.

The Yacht Floor Heating system is on regular base advised by architects and designers.

Application is mainly intended for homes with a wooden floor, e.g., an attic or between floor or a single bathroom where the floor is not removed.

However the system can also be placed on existing concrete floors, providing the floor is flat.

Not always, but mostly will be a cheap Interior plate used of 18 mm mounted on the existing floor, where we then insert the Yacht Floor Heating underfloor heating system.

Strength and heat transfer will obtained by the floor after the assembling of the casting epoxy, so there is actually a with YFH super strong and liquid-tight composite floor originated.

The Yacht Floor Heating system distinction itself from the normal dry construction systems in the construction height, of only 18 mm, where comparable systems often easily reach to the 60 mm minimum construction height.

Of course Yacht Floor Heating will have experience with various projects, ranging from 4 story villas up to and including bathrooms with a floor space of 4 m²!!!