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If the Yacht Floor Heating in-floor heating is finished, you still need to cover the floors with e.g carpet.

The common rule is, that all types of coverings may be used providing they are suitable for underfloor heating.

Floor coverings to be used may vary per object and owner, a small list of coverings is listed below:

Normal floor carpeting with artificial or natural fibers, NO FOAM BACKSIDES
Ceramic coverings in the form of tiles,
Decorative gravel floors,
All types of laminate flooring inclusive underlayment
All types of massive wooden floors in each form, *(1)*
All types of steel or aluminum floors,
All types of PVC flooring *(2)*
*(1)* The mounting of this type of floor requires very good craftsmanship in regard to the humidity of the material, because of shrinkage and expansion. Assign this to your supplier!!!

*(2)* These floors, in general, stand a maximum surface temperature of 38°C/100ºF. It could be that your floor build-up requires a higher temperature. Assign this to your supplier!!!