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The design of a Yacht Floor Heating underfloor heating system is done on the basis of the information you have provided, a floor plan in which we can read the measurements and see all the different spaces/rooms.
When you make your request known to us, please also mention the type of insulation (mineral or PUR), used glass type (single or double) and possibly the known insulation values, the number of floor hatches and any of your other wishes, e.g. cockpit, deck and hand rail heating.
After all this information is processed by us, we can calculate per space/room the needed thermal power, this concerns also the residence time per specific room and the application of the space/room
The heat loss calculations are performed in accordance with DIN 4701, and used for the calculations is a lowest outside temperature of minus 20 ºF and a simultaneous wind attack of 33 ft per second, including a warmth surcharge of 3W/m² accumulative surface.
Based on the above, we have calculated a net amount of tubbing, groups per space, total number of YFH groups and the total kW thermal power needed for your object, all these data will result in a CV boiler advice and a total price which you can find both back in our quote.