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After your approval of the quote, there is an installation date set by you and in consultation with Yacht Floor Heating. As the day of installation has come, the object is assigned to Yacht Floor Heating technicians, is not technically possible, at time of the installation, to have multiple contractors or shipyard personnel on board.

  1. The complete installation is endorsed by us according to quote, including your all wishes.
  2. The entire design will be checked along with you or the shipyard representative.
  3. Then, the complete installation will be machined and milled in, including all hatches.
  4. Thereafter, all the tubing mounted in the floors and/or walls.
  5. All technical connections are installed and pressed including hatches and pump unit.
  6. The complete system is filled and put under pressure and then remains under pressure for your or the shipyards control.
  7. The milling openings containing the tubing, be filled properly twice with YFH epoxy resin in order to obtain a composite like floor.
  8. The system is ready and will be delivered with an associated quality form stating all the in’s and out’s, which is signed by you and Yacht Floor Heating representative.