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The proper functioning of the Yacht Floor Heating underfloor heating system depends to a large extent on the heat source placed on board the object to be heated .

There must be sufficient thermal capacity present , for the optimal functioning of the Yacht Floor Heating underfloor heating system.

All rooms/areas are linked to the YFH ” directly injectable ” pump unit , fitted with YFH thermo actuators, in order to control the temperatures per room/area.

In all rooms /area, a room thermostat to be fitted , which operates the YFH thermo motor(s ) for that particular space . When too cold , ” OPEN “ and too hot , “CLOSED “ .

Het uiteindelijke resultaat is, dat alle vertrekken met een eigen thermostaat veilloos de door u ingestelde temperatuur bereiken.

The final result is, that all the rooms with its own thermostat reach infallible the set temperature .

In practice, it may be that eg a bedroom that you set the thermostat at 12 º Celsius but the adjoining bathroom at 24 º C and eg a salon at 22 º Celsius and any guests room staying at 17 º Celsius.

The total heat and humidity image on board in this way is the most effective and super comfortable ! !