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For the commercial carriers, Yacht Floor Heating developed separate in-floor heating systems, the Yacht Floor Heating systems are suitable for a large number of different commercial carriers such as flowers, plants, bulbs, art, bread, food and non food trailers and special trailers meant for promotional purposes etc.

We have for all commercial carriers appropriate solutions where it concerns the heating and where an even and constant temperature is required in respect of the goods to be transported.

It is even possible to automatically pre-heat your commercial trailer before his departure or loading moment.

Regularly we run into “turbo boosted” and “home made” hot air systems with outlet temperatures above 55ºC, to hot in at ceiling hight to cold at floor hight, damaged cargo, lots of maintenance on fans and other heating equipment, etc.

With the Yacht Floor Heating systems frequent damages and maintenance caused by hot air heating or under temperature are being solved!!

All Yacht Floor Heating, heating systems are liquid filled and frost protected to 41ºC …!!!!


With the purchase of a newly build mobile home, often the heating system is not discussed in detail, the owner will than end up with a hot-air or radiator heating system, but if you’re used to floor heating in your home situation, than hot-air or radiator heating is certainly no comfort progress.

With the hot-air system, you might be faced 24 hours a day, with the constant sound of hot air heating, dry mouth and eyes

Often, after you purchased your new mobile home, in a later stage you become aware of the fact that there are large unsightly radiators in various spaces in your mobile home, that the passage to your bed or closet often impeded by a rather big and sharply executed radiator.

But with the Yacht Floor Heating underfloor heating system this all belongs to the past, with this system you can achieve comfort as you are used to in the home situation..

It is even possible with the Yacht Floor Heating underfloor heating systems to activate the system before departure to your mobile home so that you always arrives in a pre-heated and comfortable enviroment.

It is even possible the Yacht Foor Heating underfloor heating systems to activate for departure to your chalet so that you always in a heated chalet arrives.

In other words, there is no argument for the manufacturer to talk you out of ordering Yacht Floor Heating underfloor heating!!!!